Steadman Family Trust

I’m Michael Steadman with Steadman Properties. We’re a family & veteran owned and operated commercial leasing company in Lacey for the last 30 plus years.

Our Mission

We focus on giving Leasing opportunities to other local families/veteran/minority/disabled/first responder owned & operated companies that wouldn’t normally get funding let alone a chance to Lease prime space in the South Puget Sound region.

Our Motto

 Our motto is everyone has to make money but nobody has to make it all at once on one person. This ideology we preach and live by everyday. Very seldom do we have space available but when we do be ready to join the team. It’s all about local families and local the economy. Let’s boost each other. I’m also focused on the local economy and that means being pro-local family owned and operated businesses. It’s also a great platform to bring awareness to local efforts and improving the quality of life for my family, friends and neighbors.

Clients / Partners

Tacoma Screw, (local family)

NWIFC, (minority/local family)

Crown Signs, (local family/veteran/disabled/minority)

Baskin & Robbins (franchise/local family/minority/first responder)

Cooper Point Public House (local family/minority)

DK Salon (local family/minority)

Nail Effexx (local family/minority)

The Private Sector Arms (local family, minority)

This doesn’t include the many past partners/clients. From Churches to car parts to coin shops to Bakeries & addiction help.


Steadman Trust - 30 years of community support

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Steadman Family Trust